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If you have finally got yourself a new acoustic guitar for Christmas then congratulations. If however you are new to playing an instrument then prepare yourself for some work. I have already had someone contact me to see if I can help them out with their new acoustic guitar. Playing guitar looks so easy when you see the rock stars on TV. I mean the are hardly doing anything and yet all this wonderful guitar music is coming out from them. How hard can it be?

Starting to play acoustic guitar

When you start to learn the acoustic guitar it is quite easy to sound reasonable quite quickly. Go to YouTube and search for play acoustic guitar. You can just watch and copy what you see. Make sure you only look at the beginners Online Tutorial videos. Some of the songs on YouTube are very hard to play. The tactic you need to adopt in the first month is to get some decent sounding chord sequences working for you. Then you can look to have offline lessons with a teacher or even lessons on the internet.

Is it possible to learn properly with an online acoustic guitar tutorial?

The answer is that it depends how you approach it and the type of person you are. If you are going to need to be pushed to practice and work through the lessons by someone else then you can forget it. Online guitar lessons will be a complete waste of money for you. If however you are a self starter type of person with good motivation then online guitar lessons will work well for you. The main reason for this is that you can dictate the pace you work on your guitar lessons. When you have one lesson a week it can take forever to make any real progress with a proper teacher. With online guitar lessons you can do a lesson a day or set your own schedule. The other great thing about online lessons is that if you can get online then your next lesson is just a click away.


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