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The internet is full of home base data entry programs screaming and promising easy job and too good to be true money. Ninety-five percent of these programs are said to be scams and a lot has been written on how to spot it in a glance. This occupation is an answered prayer for those who need and want to stay home to earn a living while caring for their respective families or juggling it with a full-time job. It is not just an opportunity to earn extra cash but for many it is a job. It is not enough to know how to protect yourself from data entry fraud you also need to empower yourself by knowing what are the actions you can do if you were victimized.

First, contact the Better Business Bureau office (BBB) where the fraud started. This office was created in 1912 with the goal of fostering just and reasonable marketplace so that consumers and businesses can trust one another. It also collects information on business dependability, alert the public and companies on scams, gives information on business ethics and acts as a mediator between consumers and businesses to resolve conflicts.

You can also make a grievance report t to the Federal Trade Commission. The primary goal of this government office is to promote consumer protection and removal of damaging business practices such as fraud. This was established in 1915 under the Federal Trade Commission act of 1914. To make a report you need to fill-up a consumer complaint form which is accessible online. You may access the online form through checking the office home page in the internet.

If it involved mail fraud you may contact the U.S Postal Inspection Service and file a report. This office handles cases connected to mailed sweepstakes togel hari ini on-line auctions, work- at- home scams chain letters. Chain letters comprises of messages that attempt to stimulate and encourage the receiver to replicate a letter as many as possible and send them to as many recipients as possible. You may also contact and report to the state of attorney general’s office and district attorney’s office where the business is located.

There is so much we can do against data entry work fraud. It is not enough to know what are the red flags of scams but we should also know and act if we are being ripped off.

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