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el emeği satış

Integrating an online payment gateway in your website for money transaction proves highly beneficial for the business. You will experience a significant rise in your sales volume when you give visitors of your website an opportunity to instantly buy what they like.

To test the utility of any online payment gateway, the following points need to be kept in mind:

Real time transaction: A secured online payment gateway should deliver real time transaction facilities. Remember that you can not process order today and receive payment after a day.

Inter-operable: An online payment gateway needs to be inter-operable. If it works in windows but fails in any other environment, it is not worthy of consideration.

Security must be of utmost importance while choosing an online payment gateway. A bit of research on your part is important to ensure that the gateway that you are using is secured. Read about the technological innovations related to online payment gateways and inquire about the security features offered by online gateway providers.

Some of the features that work are Digital signature, Dynamic IP protection, and 128-bit security with SSL. A Digital signature is the one of the safest ways to ensure security. It makes system completely hacker-proof, even if the identification is hacked. Go for an el emeği satış payment gateway that offers digital signature.

128-bit security with SSL ensures that all transactions are automatically encrypted from the user’s browser with an encryption key length of 128-bits which is used extensively all over the internet and is the highest browser encryption available.

Zed Miller, an expert business writer, regularly contributes his articles to various websites just to help merchants, small businesses and retail houses to expand their market base by accepting the prevailing mode of payments. Visit


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